Natalia Cavalcante


My work combines spatiality and imagination, in order to explore different perceptions of my surroundings and imagined places. I perceive color as an important tool for connection and affection with the outdoors. Many references and interests for new materials start with color. The representation between the abstract and the figurative interests me, and it is through this that I seek the interpretative plurality of forms in painting and drawing.

Many times I use paint directly on the support, without structuring the idea or the methodology to do it. This absence of an execution plan often materializes with two-dimensional aspects, and intrinsic structural questions about what is being represented. In this way, I am intuitively choosing colors and allowing the making itself to guide the process.


Natalia Cavalcante (b.1988 in Espirito Santo, Brazil), is based in Los Angeles, CA. Cavalcante has a B.A. in Visual Arts from UFES (BR), is dedicated to painting, drawing, and has recently been exploring other materialities. She is interested in color and how forms are represented in the immediatness of making. In her works, she seeks to explore perceptions of seeing, being and what is imagined. Natália just had her work exhibited an online solo show – Stopovers, meeting and departure points by Uncool Club.  Her work has being seen in Los Angeles, New York and Vitória.



Acrylic on canvas, 8” x 10”, 2020