I work on the development of atmospheres that represent sensations provoked by conflict situations. I am interested in the ways in which sensations manifest themselves in circumstances adverse to comfort, self-control and well-being.

In my first work I investigated the construction of an imaginary of a space of delirium from the practice of drifting through wild and uninhabited places, entitled “Drifting to Silence.”

Among the many subjects I am interested in, questions about the feminine is also a recurrent investigation in my artistic production. More specifically, the insertion of women in working environments that are mostly male, characterized by being hostile and aggressive to the body with its historically constructed fragility and by the paradigms that this universe sustains about bodies and their limits.

At the moment I am researching Twilight States and the idea of double consciousness and its consequences in individual behaviors

Above all, I like to deal with uncomfortable perceptions produced in an imagetic way and in how disturbances originating from different stimulus types can build imaginary spaces in the spectator.

Beyond the isolated photographic image and the search for narrative as a whole, I have been interested in installation spaces, sound and video.


I am an architect based in Sao Paulo. My art practice started 2017 when I was awarded at the FESTFOTO of Porto Alegre. In December of 2017, I had my first individual exhibition with “Drifting to silence”, exhibited in Spain. Since June 2018, I am part of Joaquim Paiva’s collection with the work “Under Construction”. In 2018, I was part of a photo projection “Le marché de la photo”, being part of the “off” circuit of Paris Photo. In 2019, I was a member of the artistic committee and selection jury of the 3rd Colloquium of Photography of Bahia.


drifting to silence