Julie Young


My visual works become creative avenues of self-exploration and connecting my inner experiences with the views. ​In my current series of works, I explore the moments of stillness when looking within the mind and connecting to higher forces. Through a practice of breathwork and meditation, I find moments of stillness in the inner mind, experiencing imagery that represents the metaphysical world and concepts of Universal Energy powering our lives. Each piece is inspired by moments of my personal meditations, that resonate with her exploration and quest to deepen my ties with God and the unseen forces around us.
Along with meditation experiences, I often use imagery from my dreams to represent larger themes in my paintings. I feel very connected to the dream ream, recalling my dreams almost every night with very vivid detail. My imagination is able to run free in the dream world, exploring lessons learned in my waking life, but in a more abstract and colorful reenactment. Between my connection of the dream realm and the ever-growing connection with The Divine, I plan to continue using my artwork as a medium to connect others to deeper layers of themselves.


Julie Young is a visual artist creating expressions of the spiritual world and working of the inner mind. These expressions are created with paint, mixed media, and cirque-performance piece. Young’s work often uses metaphysical symbology to create storylines and messages brought on by dreams and mediation sessions. Her works have been shown in galleries like The Eiteljorg Museum of Western Art, The Harrison Center for the Arts, and the Indianapolis Arts Garden. She was recently awarded a grant through the Advocates of Change: Dream Out Loud program, and is currently showing work in three galleries on The Big Island of Hawaii.


Projections of Self Reflections

Acrylic on 20”x 30” Canvas, 2018