Gustavo Rizerio


In my work, I like to explore aspects of sociology, belief systems and the psychology behind it, playing with the idea of archetypes, color and different medias, materials and techniques. I like to invite the audience to solve the mystery of the work and it’s possibilities. 


Gustavo Rizerio is a notable tattoo and contemporary artist living and working in New York City. Originally from Brazil, Gustavo has spent his entire life honing his skills and innate abilities as an artist.

Drawn to the power and permanence of an image, Gustavo explores multiple mediums in his work like oil and acrylic painting through every day objects and other materials, touching on the slow transformative process that art takes through the passing of time. 

His work encompasses the decorative aspects of art nouveau, symbolism, and the clean modernist lines of the contemporary. Exploring the pure subjectivity and expression of an idea over the realistic description of the natural world, bringing the meanings or values of the work from the emotional expression in the viewers through colors, lines , and composition. 




cable ties on wire shelves