Fernanda Froes


I am interested in investigating natural history, anthropological and scientific aspects of human civilization.

Researching in different areas is a vital part of my process.

Through diverse media, I construct visual narratives full of layers where the material carries essential significance in my body of work.


Fernanda Froes is a visual artist, born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She has degrees in Graphic Design, and Industrial Design from Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro. Froes worked as an art director in multinational advertising agencies such as McCann Erickson and has been working as a graphic designer for more than 20 years. Her works were showed in Brazilian and international publications.

In 2013 she founded a stationery company and design studio: Nina Write, in Rio de Janeiro. The brand is present in 50 multibrand stores in Brazil.

Since January 2020, she is currently pursuing an MFA – Visual Arts at Miami International University of Art and Design.

Her work takes inspiration from nature, its phenomena, and how humans interpret it throughout time. She investigates scientific and historical events and consequently brings attention to environmental and cultural preservation.

Froes’ working process usually begins with drawing which then diversely evolves into a combination of media, including ink, acrylic paint, watercolor, printmaking, and digital illustration.

Fernanda Froes lives and works in Coral Gables, Florida.



Ink, watercolor, digital printing, wooden boxes, insect pins, cotton paper, glass 14 x 11 x 3 inches; 11 x 11 x 3 inches;10 x 8 x 3 inches, 2020