For me, art has always been a means of communication between worlds. Research has always been a method of approaching these worlds, and sharing what I discover in this journey is the motivation that makes me go further. Among my diverse projects, there will always be a connection between colors, memories, emotions, or prayers. The outside and inside universes are for me the biggest mysteries and as long as there is something to be discovered, I will have something in me to be awakened. My works walk among amulets, oracles, and ancestors in order to capture the wisdom contained in the essence of Life.


Camila Crivelenti is a multimedia artist living and working in Ilhabela, São Paulo, Brazil. She has degrees in Product Design from the Centro Universitário Belas Artes, and in Art Direction from the Academia Internacional de Cinema. She is currently pursuing a degree in Visual Arts from the Universidade Cruzeiro do Sul. Her projects have been part of exhibitions in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Madrid, and Turin. Camila’s artistic research is aligned with her spiritual quests and delves deep into symbology to access the unconscious beyond the timeline of existence.



Acrylic on wood panel, 30 x 30 cm, 2020