Bella Cardim


Food has always intrigued me – the flavors, the colors, aromas, and the psychological and social aspects of eating. Growing up in Rio de Janeiro I developed a sincere passion for beautiful light, fresh food, real people and beautiful spaces. Gastronomy has always played a huge role in my life, but only after working in my father’s restaurant, did I incorporate it into my professional life, uniting my two passions, photography and food.

After struggling for years with emotional eating disorders, I realized that all that scrumptious food, instead of nurturing me, was suffocating me. I decided to use my conceptual work to draw awareness to emotional eating disorders and to expose the relationship between my food choices and the emotions behind it. In this work I found the perfect ground to develop my conceptual ideas and the opportunity to look inwards to get in touch with limiting beliefs in order to grow. I am investigating how I see food, what triggers me to eat and connecting the viewer to my personal history and culture.


Born in Brazil, Bella Cardim received her degree in Graphic Design while developing her passion and career in photography. Over the course of her 20-year career, Bella photographed an increasingly expansive set of subjects, including landscapes, architecture, still life, fashion and portraits. In the last 16 years she concentrated on food photography, having her work published in many major publications, displayed at restaurants, design pieces and cookbooks. Currently living in Miami and pursuing her MFA in Visual Arts at MIU/AI, Bella uses photography to conceptually expose how she engages with food. Her artistic research reveals emotional hunger and body image awareness.



Series of Six Images, 13”x19”, 2020