Uncool Artist is an independent school oriented to collaborative processes that offers 100% online educational programs. Created by and for artists and art educators in 2018, the school seeks the production of critical and creative knowledge that aim to empower subjectivities, create new communities, and transform social structures so that they are more inclusive, libertarian, and embrace human diversity. Uncool Artist is a result of 20 years of experience in distance education in Brazil that has been applied to contemporary art teaching since 2010. Uncool Artist offers customized strategies in remote learning with the most up to date technologies, seeking to create a prolific environment for students.




Uncool Artist offers educational programs based on the creation of communities, critical discussions, and professional development for artists, curators, critics, researchers, and educators in contemporary art.

We seek to offer opportunities in art and education in an accessible way to people from various parts of the world.

Our work needs resources to grow and support new creative minds. We seek partnerships to offer scholarships for our programs. If you believe in quality and exciting, consistent, and inclusive arts education, join us!

To learn more about Uncool Artist, our ideas, and projects, contact us at contact@uncoolartist.com.